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       Outsourcing Service Provider Business Development Certification Course

Winning and Retaining Business in the Rapidly Changing World of Outsourcing

Key Principles for Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Account Management, Relationship Management and Service Delivery/Execution Management

Overview and Objectives

As the outsourcing industry has grown globally and become much more competitive, the issues, opportunities and challenges for service providers to develop new business, markets, sales and retain existing business, have become major concerns of the Board and executive management for service providers on a global basis.

Many of the successful service providers are developing, experimenting with and refining strategies that will provide them with unique and (hoped for) competitive advantages. The strategy to consider is that an innovative service provider can always force the competition to play catch up and while the competition is developing their “Me Too” offerings, the innovative provider is developing the next step forward by thinking out-of-the-box.

This course will provide service providers, large and small, with the knowledge and skills to deal with complex and rapidly changing market realities and challenges that service providers must address to win and survive such as: develop and maintain a competitive advantage and attractive value propositions, deal with growing competition from companies in developing countries that receive in some situations, government support; rising protectionism in developed countries; developing integrated global marketing, sales, service delivery and operational strategies to support the demands of the multinational customers and others.

Today’s tough economic environment has upped the ante for providers. However, even after the global economy recovers, there will be a lingering sense of economizing that will pervade the sourcing marketplace. The real challenge for today’s providers lies in answering the following key questions:

  • Do we want to play in the space?
  • Can we afford to play in the space?
  • Where do we want to focus?
  • How do we play in the market?
  • What is our unique selling and delivery proposition?
  • How can we compete? On a sustainable basis?
  • What’s our differentiation?
  • What is our value proposition?
  • How do we leverage and extend our service portfolio?
  • Do we understand the customer’s sourcing needs, priorities and decision criteria?
Objectives of the Workshop:
  • Provide insights that help service providers stay relevant, differentiated and capitalize on the growing demand for outsourcing services.
  • Discuss changes in the customer/client marketplace and how SP’s must continuously nurture their service delivery portfolio and continuously align their marketing and sales approaches, account relationship management, service deliver and operational strategies to win.
  • Describe the competitive landscape from a service provider perspective.
  • Analyze select competitive global service provider best practices, to retain and grow revenues by reviewing multiple case studies of providers headquartered respectively in North America, Europe and Asia.
  • Analyze select major client case studies to help service providers better understand the do’s and don’ts of successful business development and growth.
  • Help the service provider develop winning marketing, sales, delivery and service strategies.
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